New Tears of the Kingdom video shows Zelda doubling down

One of Breath of the Wild’s best features is coming back in a big way. In a new preview of The Legend of Zelda 

Tears of the Kingdom, producer Eiji Aonuma shows off 10 minutes of gameplay from the eagerly anticipated (to put it lightly) sequel to 2017’s hit. 

The video dips into a little bit of low-level combat and includes some running around 

but mostly it goes over new systems designed to encourage the kind of emergent gameplay that made Breath of the Wild such a joy to discover for so many people. 

In the first game, you could sail high on the updrafts created by grass on fire 

get struck by lightning if you were wearing metal armor or cook a steak by throwing meat on the ground near a volcano. 

Many of the game’s environmental features were interactive and its shrine puzzles in particular nudged players to test out potential combinations of abilities